innovate your LayTime process

Turn the intensive laytime process into smooth sailing

Download our free guide and learn how our tank, chemical and dry bulk customers have revolutionised their Laytime through workflows that impact:

  • Collection of documents
  • Extraction and analysis of laytime and demurrage calculations
  • Submission of documents to counterparties within agreed time frames


Download our overview guide and gain insights on how you can:

  • Have a dedicated charter party and recap team
  • Increase process efficiency with each subsequent port call
  • Reduce time spent on Laytime and demurrage calculations
  • Make the settlement process easier, and retain full commercial control
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About Us:

Laytime-Desk is a business unit under DA-Desk, the world's largest port cost management company. It’s also related to CP-Desk as a business unit under The Marcura Group.

Laytime-Desk's services are developed and managed by industry specialists with decades of accumulated knowledge and a true passion for delivering quality support through secure and confidential processes to the maritime industry.